5 Simple Tips to Get Media Attention

Kelly Reeves
4 min readMar 26, 2021

Psst! It’s all about giving value

Say you’re an expert in your field. You know you have the ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives with your training, knowledge, and expertise. You want to get the word out, and you want to do it organically in a way that helps you establish credibility so you can attract your ideal client (and say “aw hell-to-the-no!” to those with whom you don’t wish to work), command higher fees, establish yourself as an expert, and make a greater impact.

And while advertising is great, and it certainly has its place in the grand scheme of things, it’s expensive, and you can make up anything you want about yourself and your experience. It is paid attention rather than earned attention. Big difference. Huge!

Did you know: People are more inclined to buy when they read an article about a product or service. In fact, according to a recent survey by GfK, an AI-powered intelligence platform, 85% of those surveyed stated media influenced their purchasing decision. A Nielsen report states 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.

Organic marketing on social media is great, but it takes a looong time. So, how do you create some buzz and expert positioning without having to post or comment on ten different groups all day every day while doing daily Lives in your own group and pages, hosting Clubhouse rooms, and creating and sending email nurtures and lead magnet after lead magnet?

Public relations, my friend. Now, I know you’re probably saying: Yea, that’s great and all, but I don’t know a single member of the media? I have no idea who and how to pitch. What do I even say? Where do I even start? How can I get an article about what I do and establish myself as an expert so I can attract my ideal client? How do those who need my services find me if I’m not spending $10k a day on Facebook ads… So I can help more people and make a greater impact in the world?

All great questions. Here are some answers, but first I am going to ask you to do two things: Breathe and believe. Then, you are going to work on getting past any limiting beliefs, especially imposter syndrome. You know you’re the real deal!



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