5 Ways to Leverage Media Coverage to Dramatically Grow Your Business

Plus the 5 key pre-PR strategies that need to be in place before you start

So you want to get some publicity for your company, product, or services? Or maybe you want some good press to help build your own personal brand. But, once you get it, what do you do with it? Sure, it’s great to get an article in Forbes, an interview on EOFire, or be a guest expert on TODAY, and hey, if you land that type of media, then congrats, my friend. Those are big wins! Once you’re finished celebrating, it’s time for action.

However, getting those media hits aren’t the first step when it comes to leveraging PR for business growth. There are other strategies that need to be in place before you send out the first pitch:

  1. Make sure your PR strategies and tactics align with your business goals and objectives.
  2. Think beyond your brand with strategic partnerships and joint ventures. It enhances your engagement and expands your reach.
  3. If you have an advertising and social media strategy, your PR strategy should align with those. Paid ads are great, but the PR component offers credibility that complements your ad and social media messaging.
  4. Establish authority and thought leadership by identifying trends, providing statistics and predictions, delivering high-quality content on the topics in which you are an expert, or promote best practices.
  5. Make sure your ducks are in a row with an informative website, laser focused messaging, key talking points, and some media training for interviews.

Now that you have the key pre-PR strategies in place, and you’ve secured some media coverage, it’s time to leverage that coverage to grow your business. Here’s how:

  1. Cross promote on social media. This should be easy. By now, your PR strategy should be in alignment with your social media strategy. Don’t forget to thank and tag the reporter who wrote the story or podcast host who interviewed you. Build engagement by asking a thought-provoking question about the content of the article or interview. Ask your audience what they thought abut it, or simply ask them to like and share it.
  2. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. Think of your recent coverage as a goldmine of soundbite gems. Record a video or do a Live on key take-aways. If the article or interview includes a lot of value to your audience, use it to create a lead magnet. If it included a high-impact or inspirational quote or two, use those for a social media post.
  3. Use it for validation. Let your audience know where you’ve been featured. If you are promoting a course, mastermind, or coaching program, include your recent media coverage in your marketing around that program.
  4. Include it in your newsletter. You probably have a list of existing and potential clients. Newsletters or email nurtures are a great way to maintain engagement with your audience. Media placements reaffirm your expert positioning and credibility, educate your audience on new products and services, and can provide valuable data and information to help you better target and enhance brand loyalty.
  5. Use it for other media opportunities. If you or your company had a good story in the local paper, and it’s getting lots of traction, you can leverage that traction to land bigger media hits. For example, I got a story placed on one of my clients in a local newspaper in Orange County. A reporter for the LA Times saw the story and did a write-up. That story was seen by a reporter for CNN, which lead to a five minute segment on CNN. If the story is timely, compelling, and has the ability to impact a greater audience, use it to create more media opportunities.

A few other things you can do: Add recent press coverage to your sales funnel. Also, make sure you have a press section on your website with a list of all press coverage you’ve received. Include it in your chatbot.

The PR process doesn’t end when the story or interview is live. That’s just the beginning. You only have a few seconds to prove your credibility when engaging with a potential client or customer, so leveraging the credibility a good media placement lends itself to will be key to growing your business.

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, PR and Mindset Expert. I rescue animals on the side. Follow me on IG, CH, FB @theSOULopreneur

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