Actionable steps you can take if you want to jump the corporate ship

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If there’s anything the past 16 months have taught us is nothing’s guaranteed. As thousands of small businesses closed, and W2 employees were furloughed or laid off, more Americans are starting new businesses at the fastest rate in more than a decade.

According to U.S. Census Bureau data from the Wall Street Journal, there have been over 3.2 million applications for new employer identification numbers (EIN’s) to date this year, as compared with 2.7 million applications at the same point in 2019.

But, what if your job wasn’t impacted by the pandemic? How many times have you wanted to say…

Money is one of the biggest sources of fear there is because it affects everything from our basic wants and needs to our social status, professional success, and psychological well-being.

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You might have read the title of this post and thought: “How could anyone be afraid of money when everyone wants to make more of it?” It’s a logical response, especially when we read and hear about it all the time. Medium is flooded with posts on “How I Made A Lot of Money In A Short Amount of Time Using This Strategy or Tactic” — type stories. Entrepreneurs are always talking about how to make more sales, more profit, more money; how to grow and scale your business and live a life of financial freedom.

Money saturates every aspect…

I recently wrote an article on Akbar Sheikh, my business coach, on How to Build a 6-Figure Business. Feel free to check it out after you’ve read this article. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses to 6 and 7 figures, most of which started at ground zero.

But, it wasn’t always entrepreneurial rainbows and butterflies. I recently caught Akbar’s TEDx speech, and as an entrepreneur who’s had her own struggles and as a humanitarian with a philosophy that to give is to receive, it truly hit home to me.

Before Akbar became a 7-figure entrepreneur…

And how to motivate others.

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Motivation is one of the most difficult feelings to muster, especially when it comes to facing a challenging task. To feel motivated to do something, you need to have the desire or willingness to do it, an incentive even. Motivation is something from the outside that compels you to take action as opposed to inspiration, which is something that you feel on the inside.

I’ve always been curious about what motivates people, I mean really motivates them to achieve great success, overcome tremendous obstacles, and keep going when the going gets tough.

The A-HA moment…

And how you can create them without confusion and overwhelm

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I’ve written about having a side hustle and creating multiple income streams in the past. I even created an online course on how to be a multipreneur aka multi-passionate entrepreneur. Obviously, this is an important subject to me and something that I am well, multi-passionate about. Here’s why:

I had a PR company for almost 20 years. It was all I had, my only piece of bread and butter, my identity. For a while there, it was great. I made a lot of money in the niche of tech PR with a focus on consumer electronics. However, I came to…

A quick start guide on how to automate and outsource your way to financial freedom

As entrepreneurs, we typically have a Type-A, control-freak personality. Understandable. We built something from scratch that was created from our vision and passion. It’s our baby. And just like with a human baby (or furbaby), we don’t want to just hand it over to some stranger, even if they have great references and qualifications.

As a new entrepreneur, the thought of hiring and outsourcing can be overwhelming. We get riddled with budget concerns, tech overwhelm, managing people, letting go, and establishing trust.

However, not outsourcing either by hiring a virtual assistant or using automation software can bring our business to…

And avoid one altogether

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When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I was thrilled when I landed my first client. It meant I was really in business. It validated the reason why I became an entrepreneur: If I could land clients for others for only 10% of the fees, surely I can do it for myself for 100% of the fees. I was excited, nervous (because I wanted to make my very first client happy and get them the results I promised); and grateful. I had something that was my own. …

And create the life and business you love.

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If you are an entrepreneur, be it a coach, consultant, freelancer, or small business owner, chances are you’ve had to deal with overwhelm.

I can tell you after over two decades in public relations in all capacities, it’s a thankless job. We work 60–80 hours a week, most weekends. As long as the media is working, we’re working. It is literally nonstop. We have to deal with demanding and often low (or no) paying clients for whom we would throw someone off a cliff if it meant we could get them coverage. We are always at the mercy of very…

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If you have anything to do with coaching, then you have been a victim of the “fake friend request” syndrome. You know when someone sends you a friend or connection request, you accept it, then they start DMing you with their offer or sales pitch?

They don’t know you from Adam. They haven’t taken the time to get to know you. They just send you a message with “Your background is impressive and you seem like a great fit for an opportunity I have…” Ummm, do you even know my background?

Or: “Quick question Kelly — are you looking to…

The secret to success is right under your nose.

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Akbar Sheikh. You might have heard of him. If you are one of the 263,000+ members of the ClickFunnels group on Facebook, you’ve definitely heard of him. He’s a multiple Two-Comma Club winner (for those who don’t know what that is, it means he’s had multiple sales funnels that have made over a million dollars). He’s the guy everyone recommends when someone posts: “I’m looking for a business coach to help me grow and scale my coaching business.”

Akbar has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses to 6 and 7 figures, most of which started at ground…

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