As someone who co-founded a nonprofit animal rescue, I think the “doodle” ire comes from the fact that these breeders are passing them off as “pure breed” dogs, making them the ‘Brangelina’ of breeds, and charging thousands of dollars for them. This is what makes people cringe. They’re not pure breed dogs. They’re mixed breed dogs, or that I like to call overpriced hybrids. They are no more “pure breed” than a chiweenie or a boxer/pit bull mix (aka boxpit).

This whole designer dog trend has become somewhat extreme in my opinion. Pomsky, puggle, chowsky, Yoranian (WTF??)…

People are paying thousands of dollars on someone’s experiment while thousands of other mixed breed dogs die in our shelters every year, and good, legitimate rescues struggle to make ends meet to rescue and provide care for all of the abused, neglected, and abandoned ones — ones who are just as deserving of a good home as these excessively priced designer dogs.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s the humans fault (always is), not the dogs’. They are the result of someone’s science project. They’re still dogs and nevertheless deserving of a good, loving home just as much as any other dog.

Team mongrel over here though, and I will always stand by those who adopt over those who shop.

To your point about “REAL important dog topics”: How about strengthening abuse laws? How about BSL? How about shelter overcrowding? How about the fact that 670,000 dogs (likely none of them doodles) are euthanized every year in our nation’s shelters ? Sure, shots and spaying and neutering are very important too, but let’s get down to brass taxes and highlight some other REAL important dog topics. 🐶🐾

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Writer & NLP Certified Coach. I teach people how to realize their greatest potential and use their gifts to make a difference in the world. I also save animals.

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