If You Want to Attract Abundance, Quit Thinking About Lack of It

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When you’re going through a tough financial time, it’s practically impossible to not think about it all. the. time.

You constantly check your bank account. You have bills that keep showing up. Debtors calling. You get that pang of discomfort in your gut when you’re at the store worried about affording that $5.99 item. You lose sleep over it, worry about it. You often find yourself in the grips of fear wondering how you’re going to pay for things and when it will end.

It’s only logical that you would give your attention to what’s going on in your life. And, it’s not just when it comes to money. We focus on anything that we’re unhappy about— our weight, our relationships, or job, our health. If things aren’t going well in one area of our lives, we give it our undivided attention.

We believe we can think and analyze our way out of it, that if we give it enough attention and punish ourselves enough over it, then it will go away. When really, what we’re doing is creating a negative vibration around it. Worrying about anything won’t make it manifest any faster. It will actually create a vibrational roadblock, which will prevent you from receiving that which you want to attract. If you have lack of money active in your vibration then you are essentially forgetting how to be prosperous and creating more lack.

Or if your vibration is focused on having a hard time in your relationship, then you are forgetting about how to have a positive relationship.

The biggest problem when it comes to money, or relationships, weight, etc. is our mindset. If you have a negative mindset in the first place, you’re setting yourself up for failure. These mindset issues stem from our childhood. Either your parents had money issues, or they divorced when you were really young, or they too had weight issues so you believe this is your destiny. You grew up with feelings of lack and unworthiness.

These issues are also a direct result of the collective consciousness around them. How many times have you heard the term “money doesn’t grow on trees”?

There are so many external factors that can affect our ability to achieve all that we desire, but only if we allow it. We can’t turn on the news today or social media without forgetting about most of the well-being that we know, the well-being, which is abundant. We can get so immersed in crap that we forget about all the good that’s in the world and in our lives.

The truth is, abundance is an inside job. And, it comes in many forms: financial abundance, abundance of love, friendship, joy… Being abundant begins with feeling abundant. It’s about switching your focus from lack to things that represent abundance.

So how do you feel abundant? Simple: Forget about lack. When you’re on a frequency, that’s what you’re remembering. So if you keep remembering that you have bills you can’t pay, or that you’re overweight, or that your relationship is in shitter, then that’s the frequency you are emitting and that’s the reality you’re getting back.

It’s all about energy: That which is like unto itself is drawn. In other words, that which you think, in any moment, attracts unto itself other thoughts that are like it. If you ponder on it long enough, soon you will have gathered enough data, which ultimately brings forth the experience.

If there are changes you want to make, start by telling yourself a different story. If you keep telling the story of “I’m always broke” or “I can’t lose weight” or “I’ll never find a good mate” well then that’s the story you’re living. You see the reality of it, and say: “Look! It’s true!”

It’s only true because you keep your constant gaze on it. It’s the story you keep repeating over and over again.

But, you can create a new story and ultimately a new reality. As you begin to focus positively on the subjects you want to change, you will begin to feel better and better about them. Soon, you will see a shift in the direction you want to go. The Law of Attraction is always true.

Start every day by asking yourself who do you want to be that day. A multi-millionaire? Why not? Why not look at money as if you are a millionaire? Can’t hurt. Focus on the feeling of it, the why of it, and not the how, the when, or the who.

Identify the positive aspects of the things you already have in your life. There is so much in our world to use to your advantage. You are the creator of your reality. The world is responding to you. You have to decide if you want to create life by default, or do you want to be deliberate in your life and what you create in it.

Don’t lose sight of the abundance that you already have and be grateful for it. Gratitude is a way of saying your prayers are already answered.

Start to become very conscious of your thoughts. Once you begin to notice thoughts of lack, unworthiness, or discomfort about any subject in your life, cut them off at the pass and choose better thoughts. Don’t give those negative thoughts any momentum. Ask yourself: “What’s the best feeling thought I could have right now?” It doesn’t have to be a giant leap from fear to pure joy. There is always a better thought, even if it’s a small step, and a better thought after that. The better thought can simply be “thank you”. Just keep on the path of better thoughts.

For example, instead of thinking: “I’m bummed that I can’t afford those new shoes”, think: “I love that I get to live in a warm, safe home.”

Or, instead of thinking “I wish I could meet a great guy/gal”, think: “I am super grateful that I get to spend time with my friends.”

When you take your focus off of lack and turn it to abundance, you can eventually get to experience that abundance. Thought after thought, you can guide yourself out of that negative story and limiting mentality.

It will take time. Don’t get discouraged. I had to unravel 46 years of negative beliefs about money and trying to stop the speeding freight train of thoughts of financial hardship. But once I started telling myself a new story and switching my focus from constantly thinking about lack, to focusing on abundance and remembering what prosperity feels like, it created long-lasting change in my life. And, it can do the same for you, my friend.


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Writer & NLP Certified Coach. I teach people how to realize their greatest potential and use their gifts to make a difference in the world. I also save animals.

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