Live is the New Black: How to Use Live Streaming and Other Social Media Strategies to Build Your Audience Without Driving Yourself Crazy

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It’s no doubt video has become the fastest growing medium for entrepreneurs, start-ups and digital marketers. But even more prevalent is the use of live streaming to promote a product, service, or brand. It is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools for brands to share, promote, engage and expand their audience.

According to a recent study, 80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog. Facebook live videos are watched 3x longer than regular videos.

I only recently started using Facebook Live for my coaching business. It wasn’t until I became a coach earlier this year that I realized it’s the best way to grow and engage with your audience.

While it’s definitely a great tool, it can be exhausting and time consuming, especially if you are still building your audience organically. I’ve seen digital marketing experts and coaches recommend going live on your social media pages and private group at least once a day. This can be very time consuming especially if your audience is on multiple platforms. You have to be camera ready, get all the tech set up (lighting, mic, etc.), scripting, rehearsing your content, and able to engage. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, doing lives can be particularly daunting.

Moreover, building your audience organically goes beyond just doing live streaming videos. There are the various types of posts such as thought leadership posts, training posts, case study or testimonial posts, and CTAs.

Then there are the relevant groups where they say to post 3–5 per week in up to 10 different groups, and not only post, but engage with people who liked or commented your post.

And this is just Facebook. Now you need to go over to Instagram and if you’re in the B2B space, LinkedIn and repeat the same procedure.

Then there are direct messages, which I personally find annoying. Someone connects with you and instantly sends you a direct message in an effort to sell to you without getting to know you first. I do know some coaches who do this really well, and they are the ones who have a great strategy and know how to not come off as salesy.

So how do you develop an organic audience building social media strategy without driving yourself crazy and spending all of your time on social media? Here are a few tips:

  1. Start with one platform where your audience hangs out most. While I am active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook is the platform where my audience hangs out the most followed by LinkedIn.
  2. Use a scheduling platform such as Hootsuite or Zoho so you can schedule multiple posts on multiple platforms within one interface.
  3. If you have a private group, use the little clock icon at the bottom left of the post box to schedule a post to your group. This is especially useful if you do a daily engagement posts such as Motivation Mondays or What If Wednesdays. I do a Feel Good Friday for my members to promote their wins of the week. These posts say the same thing and are scheduled in advance so they post every Friday.
  4. Hire a freelancer or VA to handle your day-to-day posts. This is also great for regularly planned content.
  5. Set a day or particular time of day to schedule your content for the following week. If you can do a monthly content calendar, even better.
  6. Re-purpose content. If you can turn that blog post into a live, that’s half the battle. No need to re-invent the wheel.
  7. If you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, try to do recorded videos at first until you get more comfortable. I also recommend getting some training or joining Toastmasters to build your confidence in front of the camera or your audience.
  8. If you’re going to direct message new connections, keep it conversational and organic, not pitchy.

Most importantly, develop a strategy and keep it simple. It’s easy to think you have to do all of this “stuff” to get your name out there, especially when you’re just starting out, and you’re seeing very successful coaches doing it all: lives, blogs, posts, Facebook, Instagram, bots, direct messages...

This only creates overwhelm and can cause you to start losing momentum in your business and belief in yourself. You feel like you have to do the same thing just to get where they are, yet you don’t know how; you don’t have the time or the tech know.

Here’s the secret: They didn’t have all that when they first started out. They started small and built from there. Now they have a team of people working behind-the-scenes to create and schedule content.

There really is no hard and fast rule on how often you should post on social media and in what ways other than to provide quality content and do it consistently.

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