Nice article. It resonated with me especially because I am writing a book about finding your passion and purpose. I do have to disagree with one point: “You don’t find your passion until you’re really good at something.” That’s putting the cart before the horse, IMO.

Sure, you can be good at something that’s your passion, or the passion could develop along with your skill set. However, there are plenty of people are really good at something, yet it’s not their passion. Competence and confidence does not equal passion nor do they create it.

For example, I had a PR agency for 17 years. I was really good at it. I made a lot of money doing it, but I hated it. It siphoned my energy and sucked away at my soul. I got out. I discovered a passion that fulfills my soul. It’s a nonprofit, so I don’t make money from it. What did I do? I found a way to combine my passions and business acumen so I could make money pursuing and serving my life’s purpose.

People continue to try to put self discovery into a box and say it’s this or that. It’s personal. One’s journey is not your journey and vice versa. Everyone has their own unique journey. No one can sum it up for you. Sure, people can give you the tools and food for thought, but ultimately, it’s up to you to figure it out.

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Writer & NLP Certified Coach. I teach people how to realize their greatest potential and use their gifts to make a difference in the world. I also save animals.

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