Principles of Being and Hiring a Coach

How to set realistic expectations from both sides and truly serve yourself while serving others

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I am relatively new to the coaching industry.

I wanted to scale my PR business and expand my business and revenue opportunities, so I hopped aboard.

In the past 8 months, I’ve seen a lot of interesting things in the coaching industry: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One has to do with high ticket coaching. Sadly, many don’t succeed at a program for which they’ve spent $3k or maybe $4k- $5k, $10k and so on…

I know some very smart and ambitious entrepreneurs who have been in this boat. They paid, yet got disappointing results.

The immediate reaction I’ve often seen is people turn around and blame the client for their negative results…

Maybe it was their mindset…

Maybe it was their expectations…

You must be to blame for your own disappointment and failure to grow and scale your business after you said so much money to do so, right??

Some even shame you for considering the refund that was part of the guarantee.

Now, I have been serving clients as a PR consultant for over 17 years. I can pinpoint when something is the client’s fault and when something is clearly my fault.

For example: if a client never attends weekly strategy calls…

Or consistently reschedules meetings…

Or if you are a client, and I have a reporter on deadline. I’ve called, texted, emailed, sent smoke signals, etc., and you fail to respond, don’t come crying to me when you’re not included in the article that included all of your competitors or quotes a different expert.

On the flip side, if a PR campaign isn’t as successful as I had hoped — client actions aside, I have to take a good look at myself:

Was I not hitting the right targets?

Was the message off?

Was it the launch strategy?

Did I follow-up with the media too many times?

It takes two to tango, and a failed investment in the high ticket or mastermind program needs to be looked at from both sides.

From the client side, it’s important to know where you are RIGHT NOW.

If you have no money, no email list, no leads, no clarity, and don’t even have a business, these expensive programs are likely not right for you — right now.

Even though they say: “You can do this program without a business or a list. I did it, and look how rich I am now!”

What worked for someone else won’t necessarily work for you.

Sure, we all had to start somewhere, but unless you have excess capital to throw at a $3k++ program, without a business, clarity, or a list, then a high ticket program likely isn’t for you at the early stages.

You are going to end up confused, overwhelmed, disappointed, and possibly broke.

The entrepreneurs I typically see succeed in mastermind programs already had an established business and list. They really just needed the tools to scale.

For coaches, it’s important to get a clear understanding of whether your offer is right for the person buying it, no matter how much it costs.

I’m not talking about the generic things mentioned in the lead magnet webinar.

Things like “you must be willing to put in the work” or “you must have a purpose…” That can apply to pretty much anyone in business.

I do get that many just assume it’s the easy way out and want a get rich quick scheme.

That is the perception that has been created by the coaching marketing messages.

Who doesn’t want the quick and easy solution that gets bandied about in ads, sales letters, and email nurtures?

To be a coach that really stands out, you have to ask: What does my audience REALLY want? What do they REALLY expect?

Just saying “this is not a get rich scheme” is not sufficient considering the ads that promote the 6 to 7 figure lifestyle (or significant weigh loss; or finding your soul mate) within a certain (and often unrealistic) time frame.

As coaches, we are a catalyst to transform people’s lives. We have a responsibility to be very clear on what we can honestly deliver:

The keys to actually organically grow your email list?

How to build a 6 figure funnel? Great! You’ve built it. Now what? If you build it, they will come? Are you giving out leads? Helping them with paid ads? Doing the spit tests for them?

Or, are you just handling the technical aspects of building the funnel?

Yes these things CAN help a business grow, no doubt.

But what are you TRULY delivering?

And yes, it seems every coach has their rags to riches story.

I have a one! Oh, and it’s good!

The very low percentage of coaches who are actually in the “two comma club” (only 2% of coaches are in this club) is proof that these expensive mastermind or master class programs truly aren’t for everyone.

Yet they are positioned to be for just about anyone. No one is going to admit that they’re lazy and non-committal.

The one thing people buy into with these programs is hope.

Everyone goes into them with very high hopes, but like me, many get lost somewhere in 6–8 weeks worth of information, worksheets, technology, spending so much time figuring it all out, and no time on getting actual clients and sales.

Unless you already have either a steady income in the midst of this, or funds socked away, then consider something more intimate like a 1:1 coaching program.

Because the expensive group mastermind programs are going to cost you way more than just the cost of the program itself.

You have to take all of the tech, monthly services, and the potential income loss that could be a result of the time commitment required for the program.

I like Ryan Levesque’s position. He simply states: “Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business.”


In Russell Brunson’s book “Expert Secrets”, he writes: “For you to have success in this business, you have to give your followers hope of something better so they will be to the changes you are going to offer them. You do that by painting the vision of the future they want.“

I found the word “perceptive” an interesting word choice here. It means being responsive to sensory stimuli.

You as the client must be wholeheartedly aware of the changes a coach is offering you.

As the coach “painting the vision of the future…” you must do so responsibly.

I’ve seen many coaches go about selling these expensive programs very irresponsibly and take advantage of people’s weaknesses and dire need to be brought to a higher ground.

The take advantage of their hopes.

On the flipside, I have also seen great coaches who really do only care about their audience. These are mostly the 2%-ers.

They are truly invested in the vision they are painting and the transformation they are promising and providing.

They are a part of someone’s journey.

And, they understand that the journey is unique for each and every member of their audience.

Bottom line: They care about what their audience really wants. They want to SERVE their audience.

This is often difficult to do in a far less intimate group coaching program.

People invest in high tickets coaching and mastermind programs for different reasons.

Maybe they want an immediate return on their investment; or they just want to learn something new. Some people just want a community.

When you do your 20 minute sales consult, rather than glaze over the obvious (I mean hello?? They’re on the phone with you because they have a particular problem that they hope you can solve)…

Dig deeper.

What do they REALLY expect at the end.

How do they expect to feel?

What TANGIBLE results do they expect to achieve?

Can you honestly deliver these expected results?

If you can’t, don’t sell them.

As more and more people hop on the coaching train, there are going to be some bad apples.

The good ones will stand out by operating with honesty, ethically and with their audience’s best interest at heart.

They coach with integrity and care.

As I am just starting out, my goal is to offer real value in my coaching. I am setting out to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

I want to help those with a great idea and entrepreneurial ambitions figure out where to start so they can achieve their dream of always owning their own business and being their own boss.

I want to help established coaches, consultants and infopreneurs share their genius, service and purpose with the people who desperately need them through articles, interviews, Pod casts, speaking opportunities, etc.

I truly want to be a part of the transformation not only in their lives, but in the lives of those serve.

There’s really nothing more powerful.

Written by

Writer & NLP Certified Coach. I teach people how to realize their greatest potential and use their gifts to make a difference in the world. I also save animals.

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