What to Do When There’s A Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Outage- At The Same time!

And no, I’m not talking about the apocalypse.

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced worldwide outages today.

With businesses being so dependent upon these social media platforms for their marketing, branding and audience engagement, when one goes down, let alone three at the same time, marketers are left feeling a void.

It’s like your business suddenly comes to a screeching halt.

You’ve been working on that video that was scheduled to post. You are about to launch a new product. You are raising funds for your charity. You are trying to engage with your audience to increase sales and awareness.

You need social media to be effective in your business.

So what do you do when there’s a temporary outage on the ones you use the most?

Here are a few ideas that can help you remain productive and effective:

1. Focus on that project that you’ve been putting off such as a presentation, report, company newsletter, writing, or graphic design project.

2. Polish up your freebie or lead magnet — content that can be ready to go when Facebook and Instagram are back up again.

3. Get out and actually meet someone- in person! Ask a colleague or neighbor if they want to step out and grab lunch or a cup of coffee.

4. Run errands that you have been putting off. Yes, this seems like a personal matter, but lingering to-dos can cause overwhelm, which can affect your overall productivity. Take this opportunity to pick up that dry cleaning that’s been sitting in the dry cleaners, run to the store, pick up a prescription, or return the unwanted/flawed item that’s been sitting on your dining room table.

5. Plan some pre-scheduled social media posts and set them up for distribution for a later date; develop some other strategies such as a poll or survey; create some video content on YouTube that you can share later.

6. Take to other functioning platforms and engage with and/or build your audience there.

7. Make a phone call or two- yes, actually speak with someone - in person! Call that client with whom you only engage over email or chat, or hey, call your mom.

8. Filter and segment your email list. This will help with better targeting and messaging.

9. If you work from home, take care of those lingering household chores. Fold the laundry or empty the dishwasher. Having a messy home can cause stress and anxiety. Take this time to straighten and clean your space.

10. Take a break and refresh. Go for a walk and take the dog with you. Meditate, do some yoga; read a few chapters in that book you’re still only halfway through; or try that new recipe. Giving yourself a little mental break from the physical and virtual noise helps clear your head and super charges you for when your main social media platforms are back up and running again.

Social media is a great business tool, but it is also a huge distraction, even if you are only using it for business purposes. Take advantage of the absence of it while you can so you can hit the ground running when it’s back up again.

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